The best ingredients for detox, constipation & weight loss

Whether you are looking for a Detox Blend to get rid of the toxins in your body or just to lose some weight, you find yourself confused between all the choices out here specially with all the instagram models that get paid to advertise this or that new “skinny detox miracle”. Each detox tea has thousands of reviews, how can you tell if they are not all fake? After all it’s easy to buy fake reviews nowadays. How do you know if this Detox tea will really works on your body keeping in mind each body will react differently to the same product.

It’s not an easy task. you find yourself bombarded by ads wondering which one is the breakthrough skinny detox tea that will help you with your constipation and weight loss.

We will walk you through the most effective ingredients on the Detox Tea market and we will reveal what each one of them does to your body in an easy simplified way that you can relate to. So next time you go shopping for the your detox tea you will know which one to choose. And when You read Ingredients like Green tea, Senna, Ginseng and pepermint, you will know what they do and how they function in your body.

Green Tea:

Green Tea is the most famous on our list today, and a lot of us already consumed it on many occasion. The benefits of green tea are numerous but we will focus on the one that interest us for this article: Fat burning and antioxident activity.

Green tea main active ingredients is called EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), and it’s responsible for the Fat burning activity along with the small amount of caffeine in the green tea. 

So these powerful components in green tea will increase you metabolism and stimulate your body to burn more fat leading to significant weight loss in some cases. And that’s how it works.

On the other hand, Green tea is known for its antioxidant activity. So what’s that all about and why it’s important. Well “oxidation” is a process that happens inside our cells and is the main cause for most harm in our body and may lead to in some cases to cancer. Fortunately for us Green tea is known to have anti-oxidant properties, which will stop this harmful process. So if you drink green tea on a regular basis you will have a more healthy life.

What we think: We all heard about it somehow, some people say it’s a miraculous ingredient for everything. It’s used in Detox Teas, weight loss pills and even in skincare and facial creams. So obviously we are expecting a lot from this “magical” Ingredient. Unfortunately not all the product using Green tea meet the expectation of the consumer in giving really visible results. A lot of companies will use low concentration or low quality of this ingredient just to be able to market their products as containing “green tea” but in term of effectiveness we see no miracle. So be more careful next time you buy a Green tea detox or a weight loss product and make sure this product has good customer feedback before you spend your money. Finally Green tea is a major contributor to weight loss and a healthy life.

Senna leaf:

As the name implies, these are the leaves of the senna plant, that are used in Detox teas. Their main action is to give a laxative effect by stimulating your bowel movements. It’s considered by many as a strong laxative and is a very effective remedy to chronic and occasional constipation. Some possible side-effects might include cramps, but anyone with a constipation problem tells you that it is absolutely worth it. It’s considered to be one of the best natural remedies for constipation.

What we think: It’s a trending ingredient in the detox industry. Another added benefit of senna is that it will help you get rid of water retention, because it has a laxative effect, so extra water in your body will go out too. it might help you shed a couple of extra pounds. It’s is used in traditional chinese medecine since thousands of years and it’s consiedered to be safe and effective. So we give it a go.


This is an less common ingredient in Detox Teas, non the less it’s a very well-known and effective ingredient. It’s know to be a tonic, it helps combat fatigue and gives you more energy. But its health benefits are numerous from boosting your immune system to reducing inflammation and many others. And of course it has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for centuries. It is used in detox teas to give you more energy.

What we think: This is a somehow a new ingeredient in the Detox Tea and weight loss business although lots of brands are using it to have an edge over the competition. Based on history you can’t go wrong with Ginseng extracts for Felling more energetic and boosting your whole system. It’s a plus in any product. 


This is a well known ingredient that we also use in the kitchen. It has a very aromatic scent loved by many people. As for the numerous health benefits we will only focus on the digestive benefits, it may relieve gas, bloating and indigestion, Something a lot of people suffer from. It works by relaxing your digestive system thus improving digestion and helping with bloating. Another added feature is that peppermint might freshen your breath, which is not bad for something that tastes so fresh. Some people say it may also help in weight loss but there is not enough data about that. It helps you relax in general and may help you sleep better.

What we think: it’s a super-star ingredient and have tremendous health benefits, as for detox teas it’s mainly used because it releives bloating and relax the digestive system wich is huge added value for people with problem like constipation. Always search for this ingredients in any detox tea, it’s a winner.


These are the best ingredients for detoxing your body, weight loss and constipation. Search for a product that has all these ingredients, because these ingredients when used together will give synergistic & powerful results.

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